Tie Plates




The use of single or double shoulder tie plates makes a more stable track and greatly lengthens the life of wood ties. Punched and sheared from hot-rolled steel sections, tie plates provide proper cant, uniform bearing surface for the rail and better load distribution to the ties. Tie plates are designed with a long end or field end to be located outside of the rails. In the case of single shoulder tie plates, the shoulder is placed on the field end of the plate. The gauge end or short end of the plate is located inside of the rails.

When ordering, identification of the rail section or the width of the rail base should be specified.


Single Shoulder Tie Plates.jpg

Single Shoulder Tie Plates

Double Shoulder Tie Plates.jpg

Double Shoulder Tie Plates


2.Chemical Composition










Tie Plate.jpg

Tie Plate.jpg

Tie Plate.jpg

Tie Plate.jpg

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