Rail Turnout

A turnout is an arrangement of a switch, a frog and closure rails, which diverts rolling stock from one track to another. Because industrial track work often handles lighter loads at slower speeds than mainline railroads, industrial turnouts are constructed with lighter materials and components.

The diagram below illustrates the major components of a turnout.

 A Common Turnout Figure.jpg

A Common Turnout Figure


RONDA has years of experience supplying frogs, switch points and special turnouts for the mining and tunneling industry. All types of the turnout for light rail from 8kg rail to 50kg rail with narrow gage can be offered. Give us your parameters and we can make CAD drawings showing detailed geometry for your review and approval.

The pictures below are how we lay a turnout in our plant.





For more information please kindly contact Jingjing Ge (Jessica) for details.

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